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About Shop The Rock

What is Shop the Rock all about?

Shop the Rock is an initiative designed to encourage residents in Rockdale County to shop and support local businesses. Shop the Rock is coordinated by the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, Rockdale County and the City of Conyers.

Why Shop the Rock?

Simply put, money spent in our community has a far greater impact than shopping online or out-of-town. Money spent in Conyers and Rockdale County stays here, supporting our tax base and services provided to the community, and ultimately resulting in savings to homeowners. Dollars spent in Conyers and Rockdale County help fund vital services like public safety, the fire department, recreation and park improvements that blend for a more fulfilling quality of life.

Who benefits from Shop the Rock?

Both national chains and local, homegrown businesses in our community benefit from dollars spent right here at home. And it’s not only retail businesses that benefit from your spending habits. Shopping or buying local includes everything from attorneys and automotive repair to doctor’s visits and doggie daycare!

Shop the Rock is also a way to instill pride in our community. In a still struggling economy, spending money at home—where we make our living and raise our children—counts for a lot towards fostering community pride.

I’m in! How can I get involved in Shop the Rock?

local-economyFirst, make a concerted effort to spend money locally and support Rockdale County businesses. That locally made fudge or biscotti or the one-of-a-kind customer service you receive at the local pharmacy is priceless to so many! Next, encourage your friends, neighbors, co-workers and clients to consider their spending habits and make a pledge to shop locally. Studies show that  60-70 cents of every dollar spent locally stays in the community.

How can I spread the word about Shop the Rock?

Interact with us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@shopinrockdale). We’d love to hear about your efforts to shop local and how you’re encouraging others to do the same.